Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Black Women's Swirl Groups Have Become A Laughingstock? There are NEVER enough men and always too many women!

Dateline San Francisco
Written and Designed by Dee Dee Russell

Black Women's Swirl Groups Have Become A Laughingstock ...or so it seems. There are never enough men you're better off at a sports bar or hardware store instead of sitting on your butt typing your life away trying to snare some freak or misfit Other Brother. Of course there's a meme for this!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Why Does Black USA Keep Letting Black Women Down? "Loyal Hoes Can Take A Punch!" Are BUSA women foolish or just brainwashed? Black Jedi Mind Tricks!

Dateline San Francisco
Written by Dee Dee Russell

Its been three weeks since I blogged here and there are over two hundred posts just marinating for the right moment to be published and yes there is a meme for that so you'd better see it now.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Surprising! You Sisters Can Put YOUR Hands Up! ME? I'm Putting My FEET UP! Damned if you do? I DON'T!!

Dateline San Francisco,  California
Written and Designed By Dee Dee Russell

Black USA guilt trippers can miss me I'm still not marching let the men do it there are enough Black men to march day and night. Yes I've got a meme for that!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

What No One Tells You About: Those Black Male Hoes Ain't Loyal! Another Badasse Collection Of Satirical Swirling Memes

Dateline San Francisco
Written and Designed by Dee Dee Russell

Who me a feminist? Heavens to Betsy, no. I'm a sexist womanist bohemian how many times must this be stated? Also I'm a lifelong satirist weened on classic Mad Magazines when I was a girl of 5!   There are 3 exciting new memes just for today!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

BLACK UNITY!? Just yesterday you called me a BITCH and a HOE! But TODAY you want me to MARCH?

Dateline San Francisco
Written And Designed By Dee Dee Russell

 Wake me when you're done I'm not marching for anybody. Also I do not even blink when you sassy nuts write to curse me out. It proves that I have strength and you are weak as a matter of fact you admire me. This is the Black man's burden and I made the perfect meme!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Epic Question! What Are Black Men Going To Do About The Mike Brown Shooting?!

Dateline San Francisco
Written and Video Edited by Dee Dee Russell

Being a lady sensitive to tragedy I say my condolences to the Mother and family of yet another police shooting victim, Mike Brown.  And being a sexist womanist bohemian I've lived a full enough life to recognize that Black men ought to be outraged marching picketing protesting forwarding links starting petitions on a mass scale but they won't cause 40 years of mass Black fatherlessness has left Black USA mentally ill with a serious case of role reversal.


Not holding my breath not marching and definitely not debating the fact that its obvious the collective of BUSA men have checked out leaving the heavy lifting to a collective of fatherless obese single mothers!

Those anti-family ghost STILL expect Black women to save the day.
Thats not happening anymore. Your move, BROTHA. You go raise the sons teach them not to run from cops protect them lead them and guide them. Not holding my breath

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Quick Guide: The Black Women's HAIR WEAVE Has Ruined Black USA! Satirical Meme By The Usual Gang Of Sexist Womanist Bohemians

Dateline San Francisco
Written and Designed by Dee Dee Russell

Sure I could cover fluffy topics like lipgloss, wigs, "reality" shows, skyscraper heels you know the typical conformist fare to numb the minds of interracially dating Black women but I find that totally boring and doesn't do much to help you rise as an enlightened woman nevermind the conformity here is the latest and greatest meme.