Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Black Male Fatherhood Challenge Because Its Time To Stop Giving Them Passes!

Dateline San Francisco
Written and Designed by Dee Dee Russell

Spending less time on Facebook now that the social media experiment is basically over and the voice I am now using over there is my own not an unofficial social scientist but frankly after several years of back and forth intensive immersion into the interracial dating scene including the bloggers writers and admins (oy!) over there I'm burnt out because now there are BM making memes about how we wear our hair. Instead of calling out 40 years of mass Black fatherlessness! How mentally ill is that? Very ... Keep going to see the latest and greatest satirical meme!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Shine from the Daily Mail!! 23 Year Old Beauty Blogger Turned Author Self-Publishes Erotic Novel! She is a member of my secret swirl group!!

Dateline San Francisco
Written By Dee Dee Russell

Smart Black women are gathering behind closed doors and doing big things I should know, take a look at this BEAUTIFUL and INTELLIGENT young lady Aura Borealis writing an erotic swirl book under the name Lola Pulse - we've been talking and sharing for awhile now behind closed doors at one of my secret swirling groups and now the Daily Mail wrote about her erotic novel! 

I am SO excited and PROUD of her!

Congratulations Aura Borealis!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Anatomy Of Hiphop's Racism Towards Dark Skin Women That Gets Them Called Out By GAWKER!

Dateline San Francisco
Written By Dee Dee Russell

Dear Darlings over and over I've presented to you facts that the majority of Black USA is mentally ill due to mass Fatherlessness and this colors, excuse the pun (considering the topic) the hypocritical behavior of the collective of  Black American men. Read more and see the meme that has electrified Facebook!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

WARNING! If you have to ask a man if he is BISEXUAL or GAY...

Dateline San Francisco
Written/Designed by Dee Dee Russell

Because I have pride living in a City that welcomes sexist womanist bohemian swirlers such as myself you have heard lots about San Francisco after all, I've lived here for decades.

The biggest question I get about SF from interracially dating (swirling) Black women is: How do you know when a man is gay or bisexual?

Ladies you have asked the right person the right question. Here is a short list of traits to look out for and tips to use to help you date with diversity and win without being used as a beard for a man too cowardly to come out of the closet:

Watch where his eyes go ... be stealth about this, Sis! Read More To See The Bad Ass Meme

Monday, July 14, 2014

A Short List of Words That Are Ignorable Because They Come From The Brains Of Mentally Ill Fatherless Black Men

"Bed wench"

Those paint-by-numbers phrases harped from mentally ill fatherless sons, hang around Black social media spaces like the funk from a decomposing cabbage and they serve one purpose only: To destroy the soul shatter the self esteem and confuse Black women enough that they stop exercising their romantic options. Of course many Black men are shameless hypocrites considering they are the least married man in the USA and of that tiny number 25% of them are inter racially married. Huh.

Can these words change the way BW feel about interracial dating?

In my experience as the founder and facilitator of a multi year social media experiment, yes. Keep reading to get the facts and see a FANTASTIC meme!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Discover The Secret That Inspires Smart Interracial Dating Black Women: BWWOB Vlog Number 4!

Dateline San Francisco
Written By Dee Dee Russell

Become an insider Be One Of The Few Get It Before Anybody Else Join the social media experiment open your eyeballs come along!

You need to watch all 4 videos right now ok start with the one below because they tell the amazing story of a bona-fide social media experiment - being a facilitator at a Black woman's interracial dating page on Facebook for several years. Featuring hundreds of satirical swirling memes, zero tolerance policy on trolls and more this has been an eye-opening experience.


Monday, June 30, 2014

Black Women Interracial Daters Stop Being Outraged! Vlog Number 2

Dateline San Francisco
Written By Dee Dee Russell

Yes! Vlog Number 2 is here.
Being outraged over every little thing that is designed to push your buttons on social media goes beyond activism into shrill masculinity and reeks of being a conformist sheep.

 Stop being outraged its a complete waste of time.