Saturday, December 13, 2014

Swirling Basics 101 For Clueless and Stubborn Black Women Who Need A Damn Reality Check

Swirling basics 101!!!! by
1) White men Asian men Hispanic men will pump and dump you too just because he is flattering you for sex means NOTHING as a matter of fact you are just putting a sex worker who gets paid out of biz. Men value sex workers who charge a fee more then they do insecure women who share the kitty to a pratical stranger! Your kitty won't get you love but you'll be just another dumped swirl babymama.

2)The quicker you have sex with your swirl the quicker he'll dump you.
(Refer to #1) Most men don't respect sluts there I said it. I'm not PC!

3)Other Brothers can be users perverts molesters misfit bums freaks and oddballs, too. Their paler skin does not make them Magic Men!

4)Black USA as a collective continues to be mentally ill hypocrites regarding BW swirling you can't win so stop explaining yourself and stop trying to get approval from a collective that LOVES Kanye and hates Halle!

5)STOP talking about he's your boyfriend "soulmate" (eyeroll!!) & don't share couples photos till you've been dating more than 6 months its a laughingstock!

6)Life isn't fair DON'T bring new men around your kids and if you're obese with young thin daughters BEWARE you may be profiled by a molester because men are VISUAL! Always remember that! No you aren't that special! IF you're 300 pounds while your teen is young slim and pretty? Freaks want to get with you to get to her.

7) FACE TO FACE! Bump groups! Bump making videos! Bump online groups FACE TO FACE GET OUT THERE MIXING AND MINGLING!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Women With Other Brothers Swirling Hack: Act Like A Kitten Date Like A Lone Wolf

Dateline San Francisco, California
Queen Of Swirling Memes
Sexist Womanist Bohemian Trophy Wife

90% of the mail in my in-box is from women seeking men. Only 10% are asking for diet tips.

It is easy as hell to attract men!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Black Women With Other Brothers: Shaming Tactics 101- How The Hell Are Black Men Such Experts On White Men? ...Unless They're Dating One!?

Dateline San Francisco
Queen Of Swirling Memes
Sexist Womanist Bohemian Trophy Wife

Chuckling as I spritz cologne fluff curls gloss my lips and admire my sparkling wedding band yes we married Tuesday November 18 2014 quietly among friends and family at City Hall, San Francisco, California. Selfies? LOL. Thats for silly conformists. Our professional wedding photos will be coming in a couple of weeks...

Everywhere I look online is some link or a subject line or derailing comment from a Black man blabbing about Black women interracial dating going into detail about what White Men and Other Brothers want from us.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Interracial Mate Poachers Part 3! Lessons in Race and Boundaries

Dateline San Francisco, CA
Queen of Swirling Memes and Sexist Womanist Bohemian Trophy Wife

The topic of Other Brothers being mate poached while with a Black woman is real and must be revisited with Part 3 on the topic of Interracial Mate Poachers.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Help! I'm Getting Swirl Married And Didn't Spill My Guts About It Like The Average Black Woman On Social Media!!

Dateline San Francisco

 I'm engaged to marry this is real not satire and I did a fantastic job of leading by example and keeping my personal life on the down low no matter how I was scorned for not spilling my guts like the rest of the conformist attention whores on social media!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Narcissistic Black Woman Part Two: Damn, Mama! Take Me Home! Or, Stop Using Your Child As A Surrogate.

Dateline San Francisco
Written and Designed by @deedeerussell

A surrogate is a stand in, basically. I do believe its a real issue too many narcissistic Mothers use their children, sons especially, as surrogates.

The Narcissistic Black Woman Part One: Are You Addicted To Online Conflict? You May Be A NARCISSIST

Dateline San Francisco, CA
Written and designed by @deedeerussell

The topic of narcissistic Mothers is valid because much of my audience is single Mothers who swirl or want to swirl. Me? Never wanted children I never dreamed of being a Mother not even during my first marriage -thank you, Mother Nature because Mothers have a different code of conduct.