Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Number One Worse Place To Have A First Swirl Date!

Dateline San Francisco
Written by Dee Dee Russell

Some men use guides on how to mack women there are thriving communities dedicated to hipping Bros on how to get the kitty quick. Meow. Whats a swirler to do? Where to go on first dates? Who does what?

In short this is what happens on functional and healthy first dates.
  • He plans the date and travels to your region.
  • You show up on time in clean clothes in a good mood.
  • You meet at a prearranged location.
But you're a "strong Black woman", newly minted hipster or know it all hood chick ...just delusional! You may wish to argue that women should be as independent as men yadda yadda ...yawn.  Look around and tell me how many Black USA women do you know happily married or in loving and functional relationships which started by her delivering herself to a man like Chinese takeout?

Ignore those Black Jedi Mind Tricks!  Like the one where she had sex with him on the first date and they have been married for 10 years everybody has heard that lie and nobody knows that couple!

Never mind that cause you know by now the Number One worse place to have a first swirl date ...IS AT HIS HOUSE.
Any questions about this obviousness?


  1. Good Insight! So much for the sexual revolution. When women believe that they can behave like men sexually then it becomes obvious that not only were they sold a 'bill of goods' they willingly bought it 'hook, line and sinker'.

    Ladies, the old adage remains true to this day even in our 'abberant' oversexualized society. "Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free". Times may change but human nature will never change - men are men and women are women! Something to think about.

    1. Thank you Pamelate. I get salty that many Black USA parents fail to teach their children how to date I finger point at both, the hands-off father and the clueless mothers. Its a real shame that many young girls think its normal to behave as unpaid sex workers.

    2. Hey there Dee Dee:

      I agree with your assessment regarding both parents responsibility towards their offspring. Unfortunately, wise counsel from parents especially in regards to the choice of a mate for their child is sorely lacking in the BC.

      Another thing that I do not understand about the black community is that it seems that men in our community frequently steer clear of marriage? I am perplexed because this doesn't seem to be the norm in other communities. For the life of me I can't understand the reason for BM considering themselves 'men among men' when they don't even want to marry, much less marry women in their own community. Any insight on this one?

    3. Many not all Black USA have a mental illness. Its generational and worse the collective does not shame men for their failure to marry protect lead and guide. Black USA is a dysfunctional Matrix where the minority are functional. The delusion of BM's "everybody wants a BM" myth is based on fatherlessness, the Mothers coddle best they can but alas, biologically boys need men to mentor and model healthy realtionships. Basically men failing boys. How can you learn to marry when your own daddy failed to teach you?

  2. And don't fall for the " I can cook a romantic dinner at my place because we can get to know each other better in an intimate setting."

    Spells: Cheap and get you in the bed faster you can say " Brown liquor"

    1. Exactly, Keeshia. Sis really need to hip each other to game. The bed is steps from the kitchen fast fowarding false bonding. Women also need to understand, that many men can and do have sex with women they don't even like. Sex to them is like shopping for women a thril then on to the next.