Saturday, February 8, 2014

You'll NEVER believe who Tyra Banks is dating now!

Dateline San Francisco, California, USA
Written By Dee Dee Russell

Black USA continues its outrageous racist swirling hypocrisy mainly Black men are supported and encouraged to swirl: Kanye, Mike Jordan, Kobe, Your Average Rapper/Reality Star  and of course We Sisters are routinely heckled and shamed as 'bed wenches'  by mentally ill gold digging fatherless jail bird baby daddies, so its with great amusement that I read the report that entertainer Tyra Banks is swirling with Norwegian photographer  Erik Asla. Go ahead girl get some happiness. Glad you haven't bought into Black USA's unwed mother craze!

That man is sexier than 50 men who look like him! Meow. Seriously though Black USA is snarling mad now that more and more BW of prominence are exploring their options. Too bad go watch Kanye frolic with his white baby mama, okay? Yall need to quit with the fake outrage. You're just jealous and consider BW rivals for WM we know it and we don't care! Mentally ill hypocrites too selfish to go to therapy!