Monday, March 17, 2014

Mental Health Monday! Mick Jagger's girlfriend killed herself cause he cheated if she was a Black woman she would have just abused her kids or overate into obesity!

Dateline San Francisco
Written by Dee Dee Russell

For most women here in the USA the choice of mate is one of the most important choices you will ever make. For Black Women its doubly so as the majority of us (but not me!) CHOSE to voluntarily have children outside of marriage so I was shocked to  read that Mick Jagger's white girlfriend  of ...12 years!  hung herself but you don't need to be a weatherman to know he cheated on her and she got depressed and chose to end her life.

 12 years with one man without marriage is a recipe for disaster in the best of cases and in the worse case scenario you are left with a house full of children, a chronic overeating disorder (obesity) or a serious case of the blues.

No, USA BW usually do not chose to end their lives over men in such a fatal fashion instead they would take it out on their children or overeat into obesity or mope about with a sullen (read, mean!) look on their faces while having psychotically short tempers and giving everybody around them pure hell.

Black USA encourages women to shun marriage and share men but L'Wren Scott could not handle it.

But no, BW are not stronger than WW we just have a greater tolerance for dysfunction and instead of killing ourselves we abuse our children and bodies.

Cheaters never prosper, just look at Black USA the men are chronically unfaithful and are lagging in many areas of life and career.

My sincere condolences to her and to any woman stuck in the muck of an unhealthy relationship you have options and there are billions of men in the world instead of one lousy cheating playboy who will be on to the next no matter what you do.


  1. PREACH!! Women need to run far far away from Mick Jagger. He's the poster image for an unfaithful man. Why women CHOOSE to become involved with him is beyond my level of understanding. Dee Dee, you write truthful words! Women need to vet, vet, vet every man they romantically encounter and it doesn't matter if he's a celebrity.

  2. Hi Lady how are you?
    The Mick Jaggers of the world enchant women cause the women are ignorant and assume they will be the exceptions to the rule. But no, you are, as L'Wren Scott found out 'the rule'.

    1. I am well and you are so right. L'Wren wasted her 12 years of her life on a totally worthless man and then she felt hopeless. Mick Jagger's past is the best indicator of his present behavior. Women have GOT to realize that there are billions of men on the planet and they have to move on when a man does not act right. I agree with you that L'Wren found out she wasn't special and was devastated when she realized Mick is incapable of being a provider or protector. Sadly, L'Wren didn't know how to walk away when it became glaringly apparent that Mick had no intention of committing to her. The lesson for all of us is that we need to have standards and boundaries to ensure that men treat us with dignity and respect (e.g., The Rules).