Tuesday, June 3, 2014

15 Practical Places To Practice Your Perky

Dateline San Francisco
Written By Dee Dee Russell

Want to met more men? You're not alone. Many swirling Black women confess to being stuck they have hit the wall, burnt out from Facebook and online dating. And they remain stuck wondering how to attract attention of Other Brothers or how to meet a better class of men period. Always hoping and praying never doing. Waiting and whining. Usually with a mean mug, blank face or looking sullen. For you there is an answer! Learn to be PERKY. WITH A CUTE MEME THIS TIME!

Being perky goes a long way in diverse surroundings.
Having a perky attitude increases your swirling sex appeal.
I am defining PERKY to my Black lady readers as having a lively upbeat attitude.

If you're uncomfortable smiling? Go to the dentist.
Being upbeat feels phony? You need a therapist.
Body issues? Go on a diet drink more water walk more!

15 Practical Places to Practice Your Perky...
  • Take a stroll downtown. Do not wear silly high heels make sure you can stroll with confidence.
  • Browse the library. If you don't have a library card get one. 
  • Browse a health-food grocery store. Read labels. Try samples. Buy a new tea or fruit.
  • Attend an art reception of work that is not your regular tastes. 
  • Visit the Zoo or an Aquarium.
  • Attend a tech convention.
  • Go to a Rodeo.
  • Take an exotic dance class.
  • Take a language class.
  • Go to a Home Improvement store.
  • Go golfing, kayaking, horseback riding or swimming
  • Take a cruise or a day boat ride.
  • Try a new Meet Up that is outside of your comfort zone.
  • Visit a swirly Sports Bar for happy hour. Have 2 drinks or less leave within 2 hours!
  • Go to a Blues Club in a diverse section of town, not a hood spot.
  • Do all of this ALONE leave your girlfriend your child(ren) and your Mamma at home!

You are welcome to leave feedback if you find this helpful.


  1. Great tips, Dee Dee! These places are great for flossing our femininity and being perky :)

  2. Thank you Mrs. Glam nice see you here.